We offer you

Lower staffing expenses

You focus on customer service, quality control or other areas of your business while self-ordering and self-payment POS lets you cut labor costs

Another outlet for revenue

Whether it’s peak or non-peak hours, the pandemic or normal times you don't have to stop or to lose your clients the system is operating in mobile and remote way

Free and easy maintenance

Free installation, personal onboarding to customize our system perfectly to your business, ongoing technical support, training, and troubleshooting to ensure your smartly growing business
About Us
Helena has started its way with launching a revolutionary technology aimed at integrating all restaurant food ordering steps into one system. In future we plan to develop our first-of-its-kind proprietary hardware and software solution for other businesses as well so that the customers pass only 3 simple easy steps to get their order from any company they want.
There was a 53% year over year increase in guests’ usage of self-service kiosks.
60% Said they would visit a self-service kiosks more often.
During busy lunch rushes, it speeds up processing time by about 41%
100% Of the restaurants made their business grow or recover in pandemic times due to kiosks.
20% higher average ticket due to automated up-sells
Customers get involved in customizing their orders like never before as the menu and its add ons appear to be very intuitive and simple to choose, pay for and pickup. The food we love hasn’t changed. The way we are ordering has! Be a part of this change. Order your kiosk today!
They use our products
I’ve been working with HELENA for a while and they are by far the best in the business that I have worked with. A very professional team. The service is excellent. And when they promise that they DO.

The Helena team provided us with 24/7 online support and helped to deal with the problems encountered. This saves time and labor. This technology has many advantages. Thanks to self-ordering kiosks our customers can make their selection and pay with their desired method. They can choose to take away the order or eat in.

These days more and more our customers like to place orders themselves. So we needed to find a solution to make it very flexible and easy to set up. Helena is very simple to use as well as using your cell phone. All the changes we asked for were immediately done. So we would definitely recommend Helena other restaurant owners who want to go with the times.