Equipment that you will receive:
  • Self ordering kiosk(s)
  • Cash register / POS
  • Kitchen tablet / computer
How it works

The customers just come up to the Kiosk and select the type of the meal they want, choose the desired dish, pay by any means the invoice with an order number.


Or the customer goes to the cashier or to the ordering application in his cell phone which is fully integrated with your software.


At all points of sale there is a monitor with your order status.


As soon as the order is placed, the kitchen gets a notification on the backend tablets and starts cooking. *Optionally, when the order is "ready" and if the customer has chosen to be notified via SMS, the Helena system sends an SMS directly to the customer so that he can go to the restaurant and pick up his order.

When the order is ready, simply pick up it or get the delivery.
About System
Helena has started its way with launching a revolutionary technology aimed at integrating all restaurant food ordering steps into one system. In future we plan to develop our first-of-its-kind proprietary hardware and software solution for other businesses as well so that the customers pass only 3 simple easy steps to get their order from any company they want.